Friday, December 9, 2011

baby book

awhile ago, my husband suggested that it really wasn't that crazy to think that there might be people out there that would actually pay for my paper crafting wonders (or just plain ol' cards) and i think i may have laughed out loud. possibly.

and then i actually got an order. and he can't get enough of the 'yes, honey - you were right.'
and here's a few peeks at the baby book i made:

it's an 8x8 album made using mostly a paper/sticker pad from Paper Studio (i think) and i used almost every last bit of that paper. i have become one of those crafters that uses every little scrap!

don't you just LOVE that onesie???

the book is meant to help guide the parents in documenting the baby's 1st year, and ends with their first birthday!

i'm pretty proud of it. plus, i heard it was a big hit with the new mom & dad to be! yay!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

welcome baby

so, maybe i have been a little mia. i kinda had the plague for a week straight (or just a nasty cold) and i have been a little preoccupied with the gazillions (or just fifty) christmas cards i am handmaking this year. i have never made christmas cards before & am really cranking them out. and i know i need to get them finished asap because i have close to <no> christmas shopping done & my niece is due to make her entrance into the world this week. :) eek! so excited!

so, despite all my excuses, i'm sorry i kinda disappeared. so here's a simple card to say i'm sorry. and later this week, i'll have a gigantor post with a few peeks at a baby book i did a few weeks ago.

this was for a coworker's baby shower. she is due 2 days after my brother & sister-in-law. i had to design a card to match the gift bag, so i went with green squares & polka dots. the card & envelope match. :)

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